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We help everyone we touch

Massage Empire is dedicated to elevating the physical well being of humanity and re-defining touch in America through massage therapy. We believe that ethical non-sexual therapeutic massage is powerful and can dramatically affect people's lives by altering how they relate to themselves. We recognize the fact that people who are more "in-touch" with themselves are more sensitive to those around them. In this sense we are in the business of social change.

Imagine a world in which each and every person had as much positive, safe touch as they needed.

This is our dream.

We believe that each customer is inherently valuable as a human being, not as a resource. We value our relationships above all else and wish to create a business for the future--a business to inspire everyone we touch as we embody the qualities of ethical altruistic business, flexibility, interdependence, growth, networking, and innovation.

We teach by example.

We are experts in our field and devote ourselves to improving the world we live in.

Why choose Massage Empire?

  • 100% of our profit will pay for free massage
  • Personal customer service representative
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Secure 128-bit SSL encrypted credit card ordering
Official PayPal Seal

It is our plan that 100% of our profit, after taxes, will pay for massage therapists to give free massage in hospitals, nursing homes, and other similar charities. Giving free massage will help the patients by supporting them in their healing process, while simultaneously giving them a positive massage-related experience to take with them when they leave. Many patients seek out massage therapy on their own afterwards! In this way, by purchasing from Massage Empire, your money will go towards promoting our profession in a positive and ethical manner. Why give your money to a make someone else rich when it could give free healing to those in need and consequently promote our valuable profession?

With Massage Empire, your order is handled by a massage therapist, not a professional sales agent. Your personal needs and individual circumstances are important to us, and we take great joy in helping you to get exactly what you need--no more and no less. We are not in the business of volume selling, but prefer to take the time to ensure that every important point is attended to.

Our customer satisfaction rate is second to none. We have less than a 0.1% return rate. Customers consistently contact us with thanks and appreciation for our integrity and exacting attention to detail. In an era of internet fraud, it is reassuring to know that your account is being handled with the strictest care. If an item does not suit your needs, we take the time to explain why and help you find a better match. We do not push you to buy more than you need, and we do not rush you to come to a decision. Purchasing a massage table or chair is a major investment that should last for years to come. We understand this. We have worked with every item we carry and we know all the details. We have done the homework so that you don't have to.

At Massage Empire you get the calm assurance that there is a professional massage therapist taking care of each and every step of your ordering process, looking out for you to make sure that you don't order a product that doesn�t exactly meet your specific needs. You know that your personal information is completely private and secure. You know that if you are not completely satisfied you may return your purchase for a refund or exchange. You know that we will take the time that is needed to make sure that everything is "just right" and that you are completely satisfied.

This is our mission.

We help everyone we touch.

Thank you very much for your time.


Claudious Maximus, CMT, NCBTMB
Professional Massage Empire

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