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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Use Massage Therapy to help your body overcome

  • Pain reduction
  • Fatigue relief
  • Relaxation
  • Tension relief

Different Type of Massage

Feet Massage (Reflexology) is a safe effective therapy free of any side effects, which can help to activate body parts that are related to the feet in order to improve health.
Accumulated Deposit: Normal Blood circulation would not have Deposit (sediment) in blood vessels or the connective tissues. poor blood circulation will result in deposition of sediment.

The Relationship between Deposit and the Reflex zone in the foot is intertwined. All organs depend upon each other, when disturbance occurs in one of them creates problems to other organs, that can be traced to the related reflex zones. When pressing on the reflex zones, a "stiff area" is detected, indicating deposit has formed on the related organs.

Prophylaxis: Reflexology is an ideal method to prevent serious sickness since a disturbance usually starts from a small area which is a detectable stiff area when one presses on the reflex zones in the foot.

Duration of foot massage and the corresponding zone using the thumb for no more than 10 minutes to achieve relief.

Two feet put closely together resemble a person's body.
The different reflex zones of the feet relate to the corresponding parts of the body

1. Sciatic Nerve 2. Rectum and Anus 3. Coccyx 4. Uterus or Prostate Glands 5. Hip Joint 6. Lymph - lower part of the body 7. Groin 8. Rib 9. Urethra, Penis, Vagina 10. Sacrum 11. Bladder 12. Lumbar Vertebrae 13. Thoracic vertebrae 14. Parathyroid Glands 15. Cervical vertebrae 16. Nose

1. Sciatic Nerve 2. Lower Abdomen 3. Coccyx 4. Gonad 5. Hip Joint 6. Lymph - upper part of the body 7. Rib 8. Abdomen 9. Elbow 10. Scapula 11. Diaphragm 12. Breast 13. Balance Organ 14. Shoulder 15. Temple, Trigeminus Nerve

1. Lymph Glands - upper body 2. Lymph Glands - abdominal area 3. Diaphragm 4. Balance Organ 5. Breast 6. Lymph-cistern - thoracic duct 7. Larynx and wind-pipe 8. Tonsils 9. Tonsils 10. Lower Jaw 11. Upper Jaw
Hand Massage (Hand-Acupoints)
Massaging hand-acupoints is one of the safe and effective therapeutic methods similar to reflexology, which could help re-activate related organs or reflex areas in order to improve health.
Methods of Massage
1. Pressing Pressing the area with the finger-tip from light to heavy pressure
2. Rubbing Rubbing in a circular motion on the area by using the palm or the fingers
3. Twisting Rolling and kneading to and fro by using thumb and index fingers
Duration of Massage
Massage the corresponding area on both hands continuously for no more than 5 minutes.

A. Lung B. Sanjiao C. Pericardium D. Large Intestine E. Heart and Small Intestine
1. Heart 2. Lung 3. Large Intestine 4. Kidney 5. Pancreas 6. Bladder 7. Stomach, Spleen and Large Intestine 8. Chest and Respiratory Organ 9. Ear and Throat 10. Palm 11. Essence and Heart 12. Reproductive Area 13. Palpitation Point 14. Cough and Asthma Point 15. Center of the Palm 16. Sweating Point 17. Gastrointestinal Tract 18. Jianlisanzhen Pressure point 19. Foot and Leg 20. Pressure Point (Shao Shang)

1. Posterior part of the Head 2. Perineum 3. Lateral part of the Head 4. Vertex of the Head 5. Frontal part of the Head 6. Neck and Throat 7. Eye 8. Chest and Abdomen 9. Blood Pressure 10. Hegu pressure Point 11. Vertebra 12. Waist and Leg 13. Nose
Symptoms, Massage Method and Acupoints
Massage Method
Relief Back Pain
31 And 32
Weak Bladder
Warm the Body
Regular Blood Pressure
Relief Constipation
Dizziness or Fainting
Pressing and Rubbing
Relief tiring Eyes
Reduce Fatigue
Rubbing the sides of the middle finger's tip
Cold Hand or Feet
Relief Headache
Rub bing all the finger's tip
Improve Healthy Hair
1 And 4
Weak in Hearing
Rubbing and Twisting
Relief stuffy Nose or Sneezing
Pressing and Rubbing